Thursday, 25 February 2010


I'll give you two guesses who I'm blogging about...
Correctomundo, Perez-Mother-Fucking-Hilton.

You know, the short fat thing who obviously doesn't own a mirror, because anyone who did wouldn't go out looking like this?!

Yeah, he needs some help, and maybe a stylist?

He's constantly hating on our girl, picking at the most pathetic things imaginable! So what if she didn't have a pedicure?! Perez, sweetie, Kristen could have the most hideous feet in history but she would still be a million times better looking than you. I find it disgusting that he feels it is acceptable behaviour to pry on a 19 year old who has done nothing to provoke him. He's also kind of putting the thought that you have to look perfect to fit in, and if you're not your just going to have hideous comments made about every little aspect of your appearance. I mean, who looks at a photo and thinks "I know, lets zoom in and see if she's had a pedicure"?! Disturbing..

Now, we know Perez is an attention whore, that means he loves this. The fact we are even giving him the time of day, he loves. All the hateful tweets he gets, he thrives off them. Anything that provokes a reaction he'll blog about it for the attention. He knows us Kristen fans are extremely devoted, he know's we will stick up for her so he carries on! In a perfect world we would stop letting him know what a douche bag he is, we would stop giving the website hits, and we would stop giving him the attention he loves, but I doubt that's going to happen!

Perez, no matter what Kristen does or doesn't do to her appearance, she will always be a fuck lot hotter than you!

The fact that anyone could hate on Kristen is beyond me but obviously not everyone likes her, and I do understand that. You don't have to like everyone but that doesn't mean you can be a complete bastard to everyone you don't like. Even Lorraine Kelly voiced her hate towards Kristen. Lorraine is a 50 year old mother, and the fact she feels it is acceptable to make strangling motions against a 19 year old disgusts me. She really needs a reality check and I'm kind of expecting an on-air apology from her.

Peace out Bitches ;)

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

500 followers contest!

Ok so i promised that when i hit 500 followers i would have a Contest.
I'm now at 517 and i love you all for wanting to follow me! <3>
So here it is... it kinda sucks but it costs you lot nothing.
I'm gonna be giving away a handmade 'Twilight' Bracelet...

Like that one!
Forks- because they live there (DUH!)
Camera - because that's what they give Bella for her birthday
Umbrella - because forks is the wettest place in the continental US (or something like that)
Baseball hat - Vampire Baseball
Motorbike - because bella goes all adrenaline junkie with Jake
and a made with love charm, because i made it with love! aha

To enter all you need to do is email with the subject 'CONTEST' and in there put your twitter name. Please enter before Friday Febuary 26th by 12pm GMT (london time) I'll give each email a number and will get the winner from! Happy erm emailing?!

Monday, 22 February 2010

Bye Bye Followers....

I feel the title for this blog post is kinda appropriate because once you read this, i'm pretty sure half of you are going to unfollow me, but if you cant be yourself who can you be?

I'm going to tackle the subject of 'Robsten' and that first sentence has ticked me off already. Why can't they just be Robert and Kristen? on twitter you hardly ever see people call them that, its always 'robsten are going here, robsten are doing that'. It just bugs me, how would you like it if i smooshed you and your boyfriends names together?

Another thing, last night people were screaming all over twitter that rob was congratulating his girl, well of course he was! Even if she wasn't 'his girl' he'd always congratulate her. Even if they weren't together, and they weren't friend he's still her co-star in some of the biggest movies they've done, Its common curtsey to congratulate her.

When they snuck out of the after party some people i know were saying that they've obviously gone to have 'hot sex'. I just find it weird that people were even thinking that, but im pretty sure that's just how i feel. Good on them if they went and had the best sex of their lives, but is it really our business?!

Yes i do believe they are together, they are pretty crap at hiding it but it bugs me how if there ever in the same room all you hear them called is 'robsten'. I love them both but as separate people, if they are together good for them, if not then good for them too. Their happiness should be the priority.

Kristen won what was probably the biggest award she had been nominated for last night, and it was all overshadowed by this 'robsten' nonsense, and that makes me so fucking sad. It was our girls night, lets not forget that!

I don't even know if that made sense, but if it does i'll probably be seen as a 'nonsten' which is so not true, i just had to get it off my chest!

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Oh Yes Its Kristen's Night ;)

Ok so tonight is the baftas and our girl is nominated for the 'orange rising star award' why, i dont quite know, she's not a rising star, she's already a star, but she deserves to win it just the same.

This is Kristen's night, hers, shes up for that award, lets face it im 98% sure she's going to win that award so therefore its her night. Yes rob is presenting an award, no this probably isn't hers, the winner from last year will give present that, its kinda like passing on the award.

In an ideal world, Kristen and Rob will have told us they are together and one day they plan to make the most beautiful babies in the world, but they haven't. People are saying how they want tonight to go a little bit like this...

but lets face it, it wont be. There's not going to be some huge 'robsten' reunion in the middle of the BAFTAs. Kristen's in London already I'm sure they've 'caught up'. In reality we probably wont see much of them together at the BAFTAs, maybe at the after party, but they might skip that who knows? so please remember this is Kristen's night not some robsten reunion. This will be the same as anything else they've done together, they'll hide it, and good on the,

Now go get 'em Kristen, we know you can win this award!

p.s Oh Haii blog, Haven't seen you in a while!