Monday, 22 March 2010


This is just a quick heads up as considering i'm stuck at 825 followers (which is awesome) its gonna take me a while, but here's a quick intro to it all and i'd like your feedback.

Once i get to 1000 followers (and stay at it for a bit because i dont want fuckers just unfollwing...) I'm gonna do a contest ;D

The contest will be world wide and there will be atleast three prizes; once i think of them all.
One prize will be a Kstew dvd (of your choice) - but if its one that hasn't been released on dvd in the uk, i'll have to burn it from my computer because theres no other way to do it!
Another one will be one of my 'twilight' charm bracelets.
And the others i cant think of so leave me your ideas for prizes!!
Is this a good idea? Yes/No??

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Kristen Stewart. Some love her some hate her, and I understand that. I mean we don't have to like everyone. She isn't perfect, we know that and she knows that, but to me the imperfections are a factor of why I love her so much!

Haters don't have to love her, its not up to us to force them too, but sometimes it can get a little bit ridiculous. Lets take the Oscars as an example, we knew she would be nervous, come on its the Oscars, who wouldn't be?! Despite this she did manage to keep her nerves under control. She smiled, she kept good posture, she didn't touch her hair once and she didn't fidget. All those things we love but the haters hate, she didn't do. So why aren't they satisfied?!

All because of a cough. Yes you heard me, Kristen Stewart cleared her throat. "OMG WTF, HOW COULD SHE?!" Jesus, you'd think she'd set a kitten on fire from the reaction that cough got. If she didn't clear her throat she would either:
  1. Her voice would have cracked and she'd have croaked like a frog and not be able to finished the sentence.
  2. She'd have chocked half to death on stage.
Even she said she wouldn't have been able to carry on if she didn't. So what would the haters prefer?! a tiny clearing of the throat or a chokey-croakey Kristen?

I guess the point of this blog post is, oh, i'm not even going to lie, I don't have a clue?! I think what i'm trying to say is, Kristen could save someone's life and the haters would still find a flaw to criticise her on. Kristen doesn't let us know if the haters bother her or not, but we do know she isn't bulletproof. She must know people don't like her and it must kinda hurt knowing people are hating on her. She's not out to please anyone but it can't be easy.

We love you Kristen, and i know the chances of you reading are like beyond zilch but you really are an inspiration. Whether the haters admit it or not, they are the taking their time out of their day, they're spending time looking at Kristen to point out her flaws, to find an imperfection, anything. Kristen isn't trying to stand out, she isn't trying to be different, she isn't trying to be unique she's just being herself and that isn't something you can say about many Hollywood starlets now a days. Thank you for not being perfect Kristen. We love you!

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

She's not a show.

Just a short blog post today but I feel it needs to be said.

Some people seem to forget that inside Kristen is just the same as the rest of us, she's just a normal 19 year old girl. She still needs her space, she needs her privacy. Yes we love to know where she is, what she's doing and stuff like that but its not fair on her.

Imagine you were her, walking through the airport and there's a load of cameras shoved in your face. You wouldn't like it, so why should we let her have to put up with it? She should be able to have her own life, and yes I know she has places she can go, to hide out, but why should she have to hide out, she should still be able to live a normal life.

Being an actress is just a job, this job just means more people see her work than some office worker. It shouldn't mean that people should accept that it is the norm for them to be practically stalked by blokes with cameras!

Please just remember she is a 19 year old, heck she's only just and adult I just don't think its right for stuff like this to be legal. I just want Kristen to be able to go out for a walk, go grab a coffee, do whatever she wants without having her picture taken.

"Everybody watching like you're some kind of show
Everybody's watching
They don't really know you now"

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

'Shy Kristen's Fame 'Nightmare'.' - Heat magazine March 2010

She's rich, famous, and dating R-Patzz. So why can't Kristen even give us a smile?

Kristen Stewart is struggling with celebrity. The stress of constantly being the the spotlight is turning her into a sullen and distant figure.

The twilight star jetted into London last week to attend a string of high profile award ceremonies, where she scooped two major accolades. But instead of beaming with happiness, Kristen look miserable and embarrassed.

At the BAFTA's, she won the Orange Rising Star award. The award is voted for by the public, and winning should have been one of the most exciting moments of her life but Kristen's awkward speech made for uncomfortable viewing. "Um, thank you. I guess, er... first i have to thank the all the fans of Twilight for proving again that they are the most devoted and attentive fans ever. Considering its voted, credit is due to them," said Kristen, to audience laughter. Online posts following the ceremony indicated that fans thought the actress was being sarcastic about their devotion. Kristen later avoided the awards dinner.

The following night the star attended the Elle Style Awards where she won Woman of the Year. Again, she appeared detached and shunned the party, spending most of the night smoking alone by the back entrance.

"Kristen didn't seem very happy" Said an onlooker. "she looked uncomfortable and barely spoke to anyone" This was in stark contrast to last November when Kristen promoted 'Twilight: New moon'. She was seen smiling and joking with co-stars Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner.

It's a shame that someone as talented and as popular as Kristen finds her success such a nightmare to deal with. Most actresses would kill for the kinda of acclaim she receives worldwide. A smile really wouldn't hurt would it?

There's also another part.
'Rob finally admits: "We are an item"
R-Pattz has finally admitted that he and Kristen are a couple saying "Yes, we are together."
The pair tried to hide it whilst in the UK last week. At the BAFTA's they sat apart and Kristen did not mention R-Pattz in her acceptance speech. Tehy arrived and left separately, but were caught out when they were spotted leaving hand in hand.
Then after Burberry's fashion week event, Kristen and Robert were spotted snogging in London's Marquis of Granby pub. Busted! '

Oh heat, first two weeks ago you post the stalkery pictures of rob, and now this. Why do i still buy you?!

Thursday, 25 February 2010


I'll give you two guesses who I'm blogging about...
Correctomundo, Perez-Mother-Fucking-Hilton.

You know, the short fat thing who obviously doesn't own a mirror, because anyone who did wouldn't go out looking like this?!

Yeah, he needs some help, and maybe a stylist?

He's constantly hating on our girl, picking at the most pathetic things imaginable! So what if she didn't have a pedicure?! Perez, sweetie, Kristen could have the most hideous feet in history but she would still be a million times better looking than you. I find it disgusting that he feels it is acceptable behaviour to pry on a 19 year old who has done nothing to provoke him. He's also kind of putting the thought that you have to look perfect to fit in, and if you're not your just going to have hideous comments made about every little aspect of your appearance. I mean, who looks at a photo and thinks "I know, lets zoom in and see if she's had a pedicure"?! Disturbing..

Now, we know Perez is an attention whore, that means he loves this. The fact we are even giving him the time of day, he loves. All the hateful tweets he gets, he thrives off them. Anything that provokes a reaction he'll blog about it for the attention. He knows us Kristen fans are extremely devoted, he know's we will stick up for her so he carries on! In a perfect world we would stop letting him know what a douche bag he is, we would stop giving the website hits, and we would stop giving him the attention he loves, but I doubt that's going to happen!

Perez, no matter what Kristen does or doesn't do to her appearance, she will always be a fuck lot hotter than you!

The fact that anyone could hate on Kristen is beyond me but obviously not everyone likes her, and I do understand that. You don't have to like everyone but that doesn't mean you can be a complete bastard to everyone you don't like. Even Lorraine Kelly voiced her hate towards Kristen. Lorraine is a 50 year old mother, and the fact she feels it is acceptable to make strangling motions against a 19 year old disgusts me. She really needs a reality check and I'm kind of expecting an on-air apology from her.

Peace out Bitches ;)

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

500 followers contest!

Ok so i promised that when i hit 500 followers i would have a Contest.
I'm now at 517 and i love you all for wanting to follow me! <3>
So here it is... it kinda sucks but it costs you lot nothing.
I'm gonna be giving away a handmade 'Twilight' Bracelet...

Like that one!
Forks- because they live there (DUH!)
Camera - because that's what they give Bella for her birthday
Umbrella - because forks is the wettest place in the continental US (or something like that)
Baseball hat - Vampire Baseball
Motorbike - because bella goes all adrenaline junkie with Jake
and a made with love charm, because i made it with love! aha

To enter all you need to do is email with the subject 'CONTEST' and in there put your twitter name. Please enter before Friday Febuary 26th by 12pm GMT (london time) I'll give each email a number and will get the winner from! Happy erm emailing?!

Monday, 22 February 2010

Bye Bye Followers....

I feel the title for this blog post is kinda appropriate because once you read this, i'm pretty sure half of you are going to unfollow me, but if you cant be yourself who can you be?

I'm going to tackle the subject of 'Robsten' and that first sentence has ticked me off already. Why can't they just be Robert and Kristen? on twitter you hardly ever see people call them that, its always 'robsten are going here, robsten are doing that'. It just bugs me, how would you like it if i smooshed you and your boyfriends names together?

Another thing, last night people were screaming all over twitter that rob was congratulating his girl, well of course he was! Even if she wasn't 'his girl' he'd always congratulate her. Even if they weren't together, and they weren't friend he's still her co-star in some of the biggest movies they've done, Its common curtsey to congratulate her.

When they snuck out of the after party some people i know were saying that they've obviously gone to have 'hot sex'. I just find it weird that people were even thinking that, but im pretty sure that's just how i feel. Good on them if they went and had the best sex of their lives, but is it really our business?!

Yes i do believe they are together, they are pretty crap at hiding it but it bugs me how if there ever in the same room all you hear them called is 'robsten'. I love them both but as separate people, if they are together good for them, if not then good for them too. Their happiness should be the priority.

Kristen won what was probably the biggest award she had been nominated for last night, and it was all overshadowed by this 'robsten' nonsense, and that makes me so fucking sad. It was our girls night, lets not forget that!

I don't even know if that made sense, but if it does i'll probably be seen as a 'nonsten' which is so not true, i just had to get it off my chest!

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Oh Yes Its Kristen's Night ;)

Ok so tonight is the baftas and our girl is nominated for the 'orange rising star award' why, i dont quite know, she's not a rising star, she's already a star, but she deserves to win it just the same.

This is Kristen's night, hers, shes up for that award, lets face it im 98% sure she's going to win that award so therefore its her night. Yes rob is presenting an award, no this probably isn't hers, the winner from last year will give present that, its kinda like passing on the award.

In an ideal world, Kristen and Rob will have told us they are together and one day they plan to make the most beautiful babies in the world, but they haven't. People are saying how they want tonight to go a little bit like this...

but lets face it, it wont be. There's not going to be some huge 'robsten' reunion in the middle of the BAFTAs. Kristen's in London already I'm sure they've 'caught up'. In reality we probably wont see much of them together at the BAFTAs, maybe at the after party, but they might skip that who knows? so please remember this is Kristen's night not some robsten reunion. This will be the same as anything else they've done together, they'll hide it, and good on the,

Now go get 'em Kristen, we know you can win this award!

p.s Oh Haii blog, Haven't seen you in a while!

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Picture of the Day

Because this clip was immense <3

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Picture of the Day

Because she is flawless <3

Monday, 18 January 2010

Picture of the Day

Because if Robsten don't work, i wouldn't mind JesseStew <3

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Picture of the Day

Because BabyStew is still gorgeous <3

Saturday, 16 January 2010

Picture of the Day

Because i just watched Zathura, and i love K-stew even more each time i watch it!
And that necklace is hot :)

Friday, 15 January 2010

Because i could write something not child friendly about this, but i wont. Proud?

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Picture of the Day

Because you can't deny that they're the cutest thing ever <3

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Picture of the Day

Because if she didn't need those legs i'd steal them for myself.
I'm totally not a weirdo!

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Picture of the Day

Because those glasses make her even sexier. I didn't even know that was possible!

The Yellow Handkercheif

Monday, 11 January 2010

Picture of the Day

Because if they don't bring this film to the UK. I'll fly to the states!

New Years Resolutions!

I know, this is totally K-Stew related! But if i post them here there's no escape, and she does feature =]

1- Get a body a bit like this one...
2- Try my best at college and not completely fail.
3- Keep Making amazing Friends on Twitter.
4-Keep those amazing friends i've already made there.
5-Go to the Eclipse premier.
6-Learn to drive. Preferably like a Cullen
7- Continue to support Georgina Hagen & Kristen Stewart.
8- Become a nicer person.
9-Stop cutting and be stronger
10- Meet Kristen Stewart

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Photo of the day

Because knowing she can cope with all the crap in her life makes me want to be stronger <3

My Fanvideo!

Its terrible quality and really boring but the song is so kristen's life right now!

Saturday, 9 January 2010

Picture of the Day

Because she has the cutest smile in the world <3
If your in the uk, just pretend its before 12 and not after ;)


OH MY GOODNESS! To me it looks like they are holding hands! Sams sisters apparently put the photo caption as "Rob and Kris walking hand in hand" Its totally squee worthy right?!

Sams sisters been a bit irrisponsible though right? I suppose it was probably a mistake it wasn't set to private and shes sorted it now :)

Friday, 8 January 2010

Picture of the Day

Because I want them to get married and have lots and lots of babies!

Thursday, 7 January 2010


Kristen is up for Hello Magazine's most attractive woman, she's currently in second place.
Behind Britney Spears. Hello?! am i the only person who thinks brit isn't even attractive?
Lets make our gorgeous girl win yes?
Come on looking like this who wouldn't want to fuck vote for her?

Cast your all important vote here!

Edit, just checked Kristen's now winning! Keep voting as many times as you can! <3

Picture of the Day

Because that Dress is hot but she's hotter ;)
Robs face makes me giggle <3


Okay, even though i find this photo such a huge invasion of privacy, it is kinda "Squee-worthy" Right?
Robsten are in the back <3
I hope this is a fan picture and not a paparazzi one!

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Robsten in the UK

Okay, so i know you all know they were in the Isle of Wight but its still worth a blog right?
The two were spotted by a young fan called Holly who asked them both to pose for pictures.
Hear all about it when she was interviewed here

Dear Kristen and Robert. Next time you want a Romantic getaway, come to where i live. No one will notice you're here, heck i'll even give you my house! K THX BYE!

Picture of the Day

Because who doesn't love YoungStew?
By the way, i totally dig the heart ring <3

Welcome to Kristen Stewart Forever!

Hey there!

My names Gill and I created this blog to show my love and support for the amazing...
Miss Kristen Jaymes Stewart

I'll try and post the most up to date news as soon as it happens but we all have out lives and I'm not promising that I'll be the best blogger in the world, but hey I promise to do my best! I'm completely new to this so give me some times to find my feet!

In case you've been living under a rock for the past few years, I'll give you a quick introduction to that girl we all call KStew.
  • Kristen Jaymes Stewart
  • April 9th 1990 (19)
  • Amazingly talented actress
  • Absoultley stunning
  • Star of films such as; The Twilight Saga, The Messengers, The runaways, Panic Room, Adventureland, Speak and so many more!
  • Rumoured to be dating Robert Pattinson. ♥Robsten♥
If you want to know more, Just give her a google, you'll find anything you'll ever need to know there!