Monday, 22 March 2010


This is just a quick heads up as considering i'm stuck at 825 followers (which is awesome) its gonna take me a while, but here's a quick intro to it all and i'd like your feedback.

Once i get to 1000 followers (and stay at it for a bit because i dont want fuckers just unfollwing...) I'm gonna do a contest ;D

The contest will be world wide and there will be atleast three prizes; once i think of them all.
One prize will be a Kstew dvd (of your choice) - but if its one that hasn't been released on dvd in the uk, i'll have to burn it from my computer because theres no other way to do it!
Another one will be one of my 'twilight' charm bracelets.
And the others i cant think of so leave me your ideas for prizes!!
Is this a good idea? Yes/No??

1 comment:

  1. it sounds like a great idea!
    I'm definitely excited.
    What would the contest be?
    Maybe one of the prizes can be like one of the books her characters have been based off of such as
    Neon Angel (the runaways)
    or Into the Wild