Tuesday, 2 March 2010

'Shy Kristen's Fame 'Nightmare'.' - Heat magazine March 2010

She's rich, famous, and dating R-Patzz. So why can't Kristen even give us a smile?

Kristen Stewart is struggling with celebrity. The stress of constantly being the the spotlight is turning her into a sullen and distant figure.

The twilight star jetted into London last week to attend a string of high profile award ceremonies, where she scooped two major accolades. But instead of beaming with happiness, Kristen look miserable and embarrassed.

At the BAFTA's, she won the Orange Rising Star award. The award is voted for by the public, and winning should have been one of the most exciting moments of her life but Kristen's awkward speech made for uncomfortable viewing. "Um, thank you. I guess, er... first i have to thank the all the fans of Twilight for proving again that they are the most devoted and attentive fans ever. Considering its voted, credit is due to them," said Kristen, to audience laughter. Online posts following the ceremony indicated that fans thought the actress was being sarcastic about their devotion. Kristen later avoided the awards dinner.

The following night the star attended the Elle Style Awards where she won Woman of the Year. Again, she appeared detached and shunned the party, spending most of the night smoking alone by the back entrance.

"Kristen didn't seem very happy" Said an onlooker. "she looked uncomfortable and barely spoke to anyone" This was in stark contrast to last November when Kristen promoted 'Twilight: New moon'. She was seen smiling and joking with co-stars Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner.

It's a shame that someone as talented and as popular as Kristen finds her success such a nightmare to deal with. Most actresses would kill for the kinda of acclaim she receives worldwide. A smile really wouldn't hurt would it?

There's also another part.
'Rob finally admits: "We are an item"
R-Pattz has finally admitted that he and Kristen are a couple saying "Yes, we are together."
The pair tried to hide it whilst in the UK last week. At the BAFTA's they sat apart and Kristen did not mention R-Pattz in her acceptance speech. Tehy arrived and left separately, but were caught out when they were spotted leaving hand in hand.
Then after Burberry's fashion week event, Kristen and Robert were spotted snogging in London's Marquis of Granby pub. Busted! '

Oh heat, first two weeks ago you post the stalkery pictures of rob, and now this. Why do i still buy you?!

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