Thursday, 11 March 2010

Kristen Stewart. Some love her some hate her, and I understand that. I mean we don't have to like everyone. She isn't perfect, we know that and she knows that, but to me the imperfections are a factor of why I love her so much!

Haters don't have to love her, its not up to us to force them too, but sometimes it can get a little bit ridiculous. Lets take the Oscars as an example, we knew she would be nervous, come on its the Oscars, who wouldn't be?! Despite this she did manage to keep her nerves under control. She smiled, she kept good posture, she didn't touch her hair once and she didn't fidget. All those things we love but the haters hate, she didn't do. So why aren't they satisfied?!

All because of a cough. Yes you heard me, Kristen Stewart cleared her throat. "OMG WTF, HOW COULD SHE?!" Jesus, you'd think she'd set a kitten on fire from the reaction that cough got. If she didn't clear her throat she would either:
  1. Her voice would have cracked and she'd have croaked like a frog and not be able to finished the sentence.
  2. She'd have chocked half to death on stage.
Even she said she wouldn't have been able to carry on if she didn't. So what would the haters prefer?! a tiny clearing of the throat or a chokey-croakey Kristen?

I guess the point of this blog post is, oh, i'm not even going to lie, I don't have a clue?! I think what i'm trying to say is, Kristen could save someone's life and the haters would still find a flaw to criticise her on. Kristen doesn't let us know if the haters bother her or not, but we do know she isn't bulletproof. She must know people don't like her and it must kinda hurt knowing people are hating on her. She's not out to please anyone but it can't be easy.

We love you Kristen, and i know the chances of you reading are like beyond zilch but you really are an inspiration. Whether the haters admit it or not, they are the taking their time out of their day, they're spending time looking at Kristen to point out her flaws, to find an imperfection, anything. Kristen isn't trying to stand out, she isn't trying to be different, she isn't trying to be unique she's just being herself and that isn't something you can say about many Hollywood starlets now a days. Thank you for not being perfect Kristen. We love you!

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