Wednesday, 24 February 2010

500 followers contest!

Ok so i promised that when i hit 500 followers i would have a Contest.
I'm now at 517 and i love you all for wanting to follow me! <3>
So here it is... it kinda sucks but it costs you lot nothing.
I'm gonna be giving away a handmade 'Twilight' Bracelet...

Like that one!
Forks- because they live there (DUH!)
Camera - because that's what they give Bella for her birthday
Umbrella - because forks is the wettest place in the continental US (or something like that)
Baseball hat - Vampire Baseball
Motorbike - because bella goes all adrenaline junkie with Jake
and a made with love charm, because i made it with love! aha

To enter all you need to do is email with the subject 'CONTEST' and in there put your twitter name. Please enter before Friday Febuary 26th by 12pm GMT (london time) I'll give each email a number and will get the winner from! Happy erm emailing?!

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